Authentic Italian cuisine on Lake Como

The Gatto Nero restaurant is synonymous with Italian cuisine and Mediterranean specialties.

Characterized by an elegant, refined atmosphere, it offers the best of regional Italian traditional cooking with a contemporary flavour, and a focus on Lombard and the Lake's gastronomic culture. Light and simple ingredients, always fresh and natural, are masterfully combined by the Chefs Andrea and David, newly arrived from the north-east of the peninsula after extensive experience abroad, ably assisted by Davide and Riccardo who, thanks to their lively imagination, create unusual and intriguing recipes on a daily basis.

 Summer menu '17


Parmantier cream, ached eggs and black truffle   € 16,00

(white truffle from Alba, if available   € 30,00)

Burn scallops, pine nuts cream, black radish and laurel   € 18,00

Octopus, with marinated onions, tomatoes, celery and Bloody Mary   € 20,00

Our classic onion soup   € 14,00

Raw deer tartare, aioli sauce and marinated porcini mushrooms   € 20,00

Cold duck breast, peach sauce, blue cheese with almonds and blueberries cream   € 18,00

First courses

Warm carrots cream, curry, crispy bread and basil oil   € 16,00

Risotto "acquerello", green apple and shrimps   € 22,00

Spaghetti alla chitarra, with bisque sauce, red prawns and black truffle   € 22,00

(white truffle from Alba, if available € 40,00)

Risotto "acquerello", with mushrooms and catmint   € 20,00

Maccheroni, beef ragù from Tuscany   € 17,00

Potatoes dumplings, "cacio" cheese and fresh pepper, with italian speck   € 17,00

Main courses

Redfish soup, clams, mussels and razor clams   € 32,00

Turbot fish, Champagne sauce, eggplants and mint   € 28,00

Canadian lobster, topinambur cream, warm spinaches with pine nuts and raisin   € 38,00

Classic veal "milanese style"   € 30,00

Guinea fowl, with mushrooms and plums   € 22,00

Veal cheek, browns sauce and smoked mashed potatoes  € 20,00

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