Authentic Italian cuisine on Lake Como

The Gatto Nero restaurant is synonymous with Italian cuisine and Mediterranean specialties.

Characterized by an elegant, refined atmosphere, it offers the best of regional Italian traditional cooking with a contemporary flavour, and a focus on Lombard and the Lake's gastronomic culture. Light and simple ingredients, always fresh and natural, are masterfully combined by the Chefs Andrea and David, newly arrived from the north-east of the peninsula after extensive experience abroad, ably assisted by Davide and Riccardo who, thanks to their lively imagination, create unusual and intriguing recipes on a daily basis.

A world famous cuisine

A food model that has become famous all over the world. Nutritionists agree that the Mediterranean diet is both the healthiest, and one of the richest diets in the world. Italians are already well aware of this, and visitors to this country are soon convinced too, when they sit down at a table in one of our restaurants! One of the most important elements of this system is protein complementation, whereby relatively small quanitites of meat, fish or pasta are combined with vegetables or pulses in order to provide the organism with the necessary proteins. Your palate will bear witness to an extraordinary taste experience.

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