Step 1

We inform our kind customers that the booking service - managed by Resdiary ( - requires the insertion of a valid credit card number as a guarantee for the booking. We will not take anything from you and the information will only be used to confirm your booking.

For further customer information, once a valid reservation has been received, the system will send a booking confirmation to the email address indicated;

A booking reminder will be sent to the same email address indicated by the customer the day before the booking,with the option to cancel the booking without penalty..

The card may be charged, with express authorization from the customer with acceptance of these terms, in the following cases:

  • NO SHOW: In the event of a so-called no-show, a sum of 30,00 € (Thirty/00 euros) will be charged for each person booked if the customer does not show up or cancels outside the established deadlines, without valid cancellation. (€50.00 for the Easter, Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays)
  • NO PENALTY: No penalty will be applied if the cancellation is received by 11.59pm on the day before the confirmed booking (for the aforementioned holidays, cancellation is required at least 7 days before the event);
  • LATE CANCELLATION: A penalty equal to €20.00 (twenty/00 euros) for each person booked will be charged for late cancellations or modifications, i.e. those made after 00.00 on the day of booking, up to the time of booking itself.

The card, as a further confirmation of the booking, may be charged 1.00 Euros, on a sample basis, to verify its functionality;

Cancellation can only take place online, via RESDIARY, or other booking platform used, or by sending an e-mail to (Italian local time is considered valid).

The restaurant reserves the right to cancel reservations by promptly communicating this to the customer.

This agreement is considered valid from the moment of confirmation of the booking by us. In the event of a subsequent change to the booking date, reference will be made to this last date and this agreement will be considered valid under the same conditions. Gatto Nero Restaurant uses a secure connection. Ristorante Gatto Nero is not responsible for any malfunctions/data losses/security flaws of the third-party proprietary platforms used for the online management of the booking service.