Spring Menu

Spring Menu


Burned scallops, peas cream, onions, bacon, tomatoes, "pecorino" cheese

Creamed cod-fish, artichokes salad, marjoram, Carasau bread

"Burrata" cheese, zucchini, cashews' crumble, Cantabrian anchovies

Foie gras escalope, mango, pan brioches, pistachio, black truffle

Hand-cut Pata Negra 5J Cinco Jotas de Bellota, sweet&sour gardener salad

Smoked duce breast carpaccio, juniper, asparagus, Barolo wine sauce

First dishes

Our classic onion soup

Spaghetti with bisque sauce, prawns, sea-urchins

Risotto, Canadian lobster, citrus fruits, soft "pesto" sauce

Asparagus cream, raw asparagus, dried multe eggs

Risotto, asparagus, sweat-breads, toasted nuts

Fresh “Fettuccine” pasta, rabbit ragù, olives, pine-nuts, thyme

Second dishes

Salmon, fennel and saffron's sauce, mixed vegetables

Cod-fish, lentils, vegetables, shoots

Sliced tuna fish, "barba dei frati", green vegetables

Classic veal milanese style

American Black Angus bavette, oxtail saune, roasted artichokes

Veal cheek with brown sauce and smoked mashed potatoes


Classic tiramisù

Hot chocolate soufflé, meringhe and coconut ice-cream

Apple strudel, rasp-berries coulis, vacilla ice-cream

Cheese cake, mou, fresh fruit

Seasonal fruit