Summer Menu

Summer Menu


Burned scallops, couliflower cream, confit tomatoes, capers' powder

Melon and tomatoe's gazpacho, roasted octopus, basil, spicy bread-sticks

Red prawns carpaccio from Sicily, avocado cream, lompus caviar

Duck foie gras terrine, mango, pan brioches

Hand-cut Pata Negra 5J Cinco Jotas de Bellota, sweet&sour gardener salad

Veal carpaccio, eggs, cream, tarragon, black truffle

First dishes

Our classic onion soup

Spaghetti with bisque sauce, prawns, zucchini flowers, sea-urchins

Risotto, black ink squids, Canadian lobster, citrus fruits, sea asparagus

Risotto, beetroots, gorgonzola cheese fondue

Potatoes dumplings, rabbit ragù, peperoni, pecorino cheese, basil

Fresh “Fettuccine” pasta, Tuscany beef ragù

Second dishes

Red tuna fish tartare, black rice, vegetables, creme fraiche, citrus fruits

Canadian lobster, prawns from Argentina, tomatoes, basil, crustaceans sauce

Sea-bass fillet, zucchini julienne, fresh tomatoes, olives from Arma di Taggia

Guinea-fowl breast, marinated endive, thyme, sweet potatoes

Fassona beef fillet from Piemonte, foie gras, porcini mushrooms, bourguignonne sauce

Veal cheek with brown sauce and smoked mashed potatoes


Classic tiramisù

Hot white chocolate soufflé, black cherry sauce, vanilla cream

Rhum savarin, pistachio, rasp-berries

Cheese cake, mou, fresh fruit

Créme brulèe

Seasonal fruit